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Bienfaits du thé vert

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Bienfaits du thé vert

A spiced, creamy and frozen drink is perfect to sip during in-between weather days. This easy Chai Frappuccino recipe checks all of those boxes. The coolness of the drink is refreshing, but it’s also warming with the mix of spices. So, you will want to save this recipe for when it is not too hot and not too cold outside. The blended tea frappuccino is made with homemade chai concentrate, milk and ice. It has a texture that is somewhere between a milkshake and a slushie.

What’s In A Chai Frappuccino?

To make a chai frappuccino at home, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Chai Concentrate

This recipe is made with my homemade chai concentrate. You can use store-bought chai concentrate as well, but the flavour may slightly differ. I recommend making your own chai concentrate with my recipe so you can control the sweetness and spices. Get the recipe here.


The creamier, the better! I use 2% dairy milk or oat milk for a dairy-free option.


You can’t have a frozen drink without ice!

Whipped Cream & Ground Cinnamon

Top this chai frappuccino with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon before serving or enjoying!

1. Use sweetened chai concentrate or add simple syrup to this recipe if you only have unsweetened chai concentrate.

2. Add liquid before ice in the blender to properly emulsify and make sure the frappuccino is smooth. It also won’t damage your blender’s blades!

3. This isn’t a Starbucks Chai Frappuccino copycat as my recipe doesn’t use Tazo chai tea latte concentrate or xanthan gum. Starbucks uses xanthan gum in their frappuccino as it’s the key to a thick consistency without the tea (or coffee) separating from the ice. You’ll need to add that ingredient if you are looking for a texture closer to the Starbucks Frappuccino.

Instead, this recipe is made with a chai concentrate from scratch and no additives or preservatives!

In a blender, add sweetened chai concentrate, milk and ice. If using unsweetened chai concentrate, add 1 tablespoon of liquid sweetener (ie. simple syrup) to the blender as well.

Blend everything until smooth and creamy. Depending on your blender’s power, this may take a minute or two.


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